Wordplay Saturday (week 5)

   The fifth week of wordplay is here, and I am up for a pretty eloquent word today. It’s Japanese and describes one of nature’s truest gifts… 

KOMOREBI – This one’s a beautiful word and it’s literally untranslatable. Komorebi refers to the sunshine filtering through the trees in the woods. This is one of the most profound words I have come across till today. 

      When you breathe in the pure Serene air in the forest and see that pearly dazzle peeping through the trees, you don’t know what to call it, do you? Well, that’s why the Japanese came up with this word. Even the shadows on the ground made by the long trees are associated with this word. But this poetic word truly refers to the effect of the sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees. The closest translation is the English phrase : dappled sunlight…

Check out the first post of the series here, or else, wait till the next week for another great word !! 🙂 

An anonymous letter

      There comes a time in everybody’s life when they want nothing but that one wish to be fulfilled. Their entire existence incessantly pleads for that one fulfillment to some omnipotent power. In my life, that wish was to get rid of you. I despised your existence but you seemed to be seamlessly flowing through my life following me like a shadow. 

       At times when you unknowingly creeped me out, I sat in one corner of the room and braced myself only to remind me that you were going to leave, soon… I somehow knew you had to..

       When people called me by your name, when elders asked us to go to the other room, when you scared me off pitch dark rooms , when I wasn’t allowed to go out alone, I cursed you under my breath… All those times I wished to push you off so far away, that I would forget you even existed. There were a few times when I was friendly with you too, but those were just bursts of monsoon in the scorching heat of summer, too rare to find. But you stayed, carefree as you were, you tried to teach me whatever you could before it was time to part ways…

      Then.. one sudden morning, when I got up from my bed and found you gone, I was the happiest girl on the planet! I thought I was finally free, never for once feeling your absence.. 

     Days passed, I realised you are never going to be back again, even if I wanted you to… But I remained happy.. until, I wasn’t anymore…

     Soon, I wished to cling to you at times of grief like i used to before… I craved for your carelessness when I lost all meaning in life.. I still hated you for all that trouble I got into once, but I fathomed you were indispensable in my life… But by the time I realised this, you were long gone… I remember my aunt telling me once, that once I drive you out, you will never come back… Nevertheless, I still try to follow your ways now, smile the way you did, run like I am taking off to another planet, feel the morning air and giggle like you, but I really miss flying though – it was something only you could do, and I didn’t wait long enough for you to teach me that…

     When I sit in dark rooms alone now, I sometimes feel like you are calling to me, asking me how it is to not be afraid of the dark.. I want to tell you that I still am afraid , but I cannot get myself out of the darkness anymore because you aren’t there to help me, but I end up whispering under my breath, asking you to leave… 

      I remember so many things nowadays, things we used to do together, things I never paid attention to because I was too busy disliking you… But you did your part… Remember the swing, the clouds seemed so close when you whooshed me into the air!! Remember the muddy puddles we used to play with paperboats in?? Remember that time we got all drenched, together, and caught a cold?? Remember that time we jumped up together at the sight of the bright rainbow pasted beautifully against the sky?? Remember how bad I was in Ludo and penfights??…. I bet you remember it all…

      Just as I once prayed for you to go, I now implore you to come back, with all my existence.. But I know you were meant to go away… You were my childhood and you left when I grew up. Growing up made me finally fall in love with you, childhood. But I am stuck with my adult years for the rest of my life, and maybe if I had not been such a bad friend, you would have given me occasional visits on sudden afternoons and we could have gone kite flying together , a last chance to make it upto your easy laughter and carefree subtlety… Will you come?? 

“You may forget your childhood, but your childhood does not forget you… “

Wordplay Saturday (week 4) 

    So here we are, soaring into the fourth week of wordplay. Last week, I shared with you a French word. So, today I am going for a far less popular language but a very unusual word!! Its Persian and here’s the word :-

Kārvānsarāy – it refers to a roadside inn where travelers (caravanners) could rest and recover from the day’s journey. Here,  ‘Karvan’ means a group of traders, pilgrims, or other travelers, engaged in long distance travel, and ‘saray’ refers to a palace!!

         These people supported the flow of commerce, information, and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa and southeast Europe ,especially along the Silk road. So, you know, it used to be a big deal back then! No wonder they had a word for that, but the best part is this word does have a direct English translation and this word caravansary is itself coined from this Person word.. that’s pretty interesting, eh??   

    Get the first post of this series right here and your suggestions are welcome as always !! 🙂 

In search of peace

​ “attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity !! “

      There is so often a time when the sky seems too dark, my eyes burn, the room looks dull and I get into the gloomiest of blues. Maybe in some parallel universe I would sit alone in a beach house on such days, sipping coffee from my favourite doodled mug and staring blankly outside the window. I would think about what a heap of mess my head is in, slowly that thought would lead me deep down my memory lane, where I could spend hours creating a picture of my childhood with all the bits and pieces. I would think about misanthropy and humanity and everything in between. And then, when I would take a stroll along the beach and feel the sand brushing against my feet, I would be happy. Nothing more than that, but just plain happy, to be where I am! 

     But here, in the utter mess we call life I don’t have the luxury to do that! I don’t have the luxury to be some place that makes me want to smile. We grow up learning we don’t get what we want and end up wanting what we can never get! In my crappy little bedroom looking onto the busy throughfare of the metropolitan, I could hardly make sense of anything! 

  And that is when I realised that life really will never make sense, just like this peice of writing. It’s meant to be this claptrap that has no beginning and no end. It’s a maze we are all stuck in. So on such days when the vision gets too blurry I just want someone to listen. Listen to all the gibberish my mind wants to blabber about, to the stories of all those dreams that never came true, all the times I let people down, all those days I felt inadequate, all those evenings I took a walk alone, all the books that taught me to live, all the songs that made me cry, all the scars that never healed and all the torn guitar strings that tell a tale… Someone who would truly feel my shrieks and my laughter and be there just for the sake of it…

     But on such days, when my mind wanders in search of that person I fathom how many people were searching for the exact same thing!? Aren’t you?! Right now while reading this did you not feel a longing for that person too!?  We are all so busy shouting that we desperately search for some silence, we are so busy speaking that we often forget to listen to our own selves, and end up exactly where I did!  

       So today, I resolved to find that listener within myself. I resolved to search for some peace within me that is so rare to come by in this chaotic world and maybe the day I am at piece with myself i’ll find the person, who knows how to whisper in a world that only shouts… 

Wordplay Saturday ( week 3)

  ​Yupz!! we are in the third week of wordplay and I am truly happy with your lovely feedback. So I thought I would go with one of the most interesting words of one hell of a popular language!! Yeah, you guessed right, it’s French! And here goes the word :-

L’ésprit d’escalier” – you know how we all sometimes have an argument and come up with the perfect witty comeback just a few hours too late? Well, if you just said “oh I know that! ” then this expression is for you. L’esprit d’escalier is the feeling of finding the perfect retort but just a bit too late, when you can’t help cursing yourself more than the person you were actually fighting with !!! So, this word too, quite naturally does not have a direct English translation but it literally translates to “staircase wit” or “afterwit” . The 18th century French philosopher Diderot coined the phrase because he found that it was only by walking away from the argument, literally down the stairs, that he could he think of a suitable ritort! What a genius! 

        Coming up with another such mind-boggling word next week, readers! Till then, if you are not sure what all this is about check out the first post here !! And sorry for posting a little late, network issues!!  Bye bye… 🙂

Wordplay Saturday (week 2)

      ​Yeah.. so we are in the second week of wordplay!  And this week I am going to tell you about an interesting Portuguese word :-

Apaixonar – its a reflexive pronoun and it’s translation in English would be “to fall in love”. But English does not have an exact translation for the world! Actually it relates to some place in between liking someone and falling in love with that person. It’s sort of an affection that is too blurry to be clearly described. That really freaking “do I or do I not ” part we all go through at some point of time! 🙂 It is also rarely used as a transitive which loosely translates to “to make someone fall in love “…

   Isn’t it fascinating just how many words English doesn’t really have!!  

    If you liked this post and missed out on the first week you can check it out here. And as always, your suggestions and feedback are more than welcome! So long, adieus 🙂

The reminiscence of change

      We are all somewhat metathesiophobic , aren’t we?! After all, we are human beings. We like settling down, we feel the most comfortable in our peaceful haven which engulfs us in it’s cozy cheerful shelter at the end of the day ! So, we are conditioned to fear change! 

     Remember that weird ache in the pit of your stomach when you desperately want the job , but also realise that you have to leave your home for work! That is when you know you are metathesiophobic too..

   But what if it’s beyond control.. ! If a time comes, when you take every decision only after considering your chances of change?! If it hinders every work you take up, every opportunity you get, and every time your life desires change , you shut it off and enclose yourself in a tiny closet forever, where no physical change can creep in! Well, let me tell you something then. I have been there for a pretty long time , when I argued with myself only to let go of the thousands of terrifying thoughts at the slightest likelihood of alterations in my life.

     I would stop every moment and consider the consequences of losing things that I valued most in life.. and I did lose them anyway. So this is what I have realised, change is the very essence of our lives! No matter how afraid we are, no matter how much we try to lock ourselves up in a physical world of certainty, change will find its way in!! The more afraid you are, the more it will haunt you. 

    Day in and day out, you will try to gather the broken bits and pieces and hope to keep them forever. And once again, in the fullness of time, you will lose what you held dear, you will have to let go of emotions you held onto for ages, you will have to leave your snug little rented bedroom someday and one fine morning, you will see you are a new person altogether and nothing in your life is the same as before… 

    But that is only one side of the coin! The other side is vibrant, colourful and most importantly new. Just as you lose people in the avenues of life, you will gain new relations too, you will feel new emotions, discover new lands, irritate new neighbors, learn new languages, rent new rooms and maybe end up owning an even more slouchy and tranquil bedroom with just the right size of the window! 

    But there’s the catch, don’t get all metathesiophobic again. Because just when you will feel the most at home at your newly found way of life, life itself will entrench you out of your abode and fling you at yet another refuge… And when you breathe the cool morning air the next day, only the stars hiding beneath the horizon will know where you came from…

Is Feminism outdated??

“I would have girls regard themselves not as adjectives but as nouns !! “

     Recently, a friend of my mine told me that feminists are people craving social attention. She mentioned some desease, I recall. Huh!! I could not help but laugh at her remarks, standing in a country where hundreds of children die every day for commiting the grievous mistake of being a girl child!! Now, before I come to the point, I want to tell you all that I do know even the topic of this post is considered to be cliche nowadays! And I also know, that in spite of that people all over the world, fighting for gender equality have written numerous articles on it, mine probably will be nowhere near them! Yet, this is something very close to my heart, something I truly believe in. Hence, this is a modest effort to give words to my thoughts!

     Feminism or rather, movements aimed at women empowerment, started from as early as the 1840s, but gained momentum a little later. But, suddenly being the modern people of the 21st century as it seems, we started to associate a negative aspect with feminism. Feminism, as you all know, is nothing but a belief which also involves individual efforts in achieving equal social, political and economic status for women. But suddenly, since the last year or so, most people are like ” well, I would support women empowerment but I am not a feminist ” , as if it’s really a very demeaning thing to be when there are so many options. I mean of course, why be a feminist when you can easily be a cook, or a teacher, an officer or maybe just a movie buff! No need whatsoever…

     In fact, i think it is the tremendous double standards of people in the society that engulf the whole idea of feminism, reducing it to ashes. You see, we always talk about women empowerment! So who is it that’s gonna “empower” women. Oh yeah, I was almost forgetting, of course, it’s the men! The already empowered ones…

    You see, we all wear shorts, but the ones meant for girl’s are called hot pants.. and yeah, we sure came to know that it wasn’t because it was supposed to be worn in “hot” days of summer!! 

     When girls talk in a masculine way, we call them smart and if a little boy likes soft toys more than the football, even God won’t be able to save him from the know-it-all society. Aren’t we just on the right track??

     Whenever there’s some movie, or discussion going on about freedom of girls, their sole right to live on their terms, everybody , being the modern minded lot they are, openly support those theories. But the moment they need to take practical decisions, these very people are completely against women’s freedom. Girls in India actually grow up listening to the number of things they are never supposed to do like going out with an unknown stranger for instance, or going to the “forbidden” nightclub, and oh, hiring a cab after sundown, that’s a strict no-no. Cabs are after all, made to benefit men only, women can just use claustrophobic public vehicles. It’s after all about the “safety concern” . The men of our society just can’t stop bothering about the “safety” of women, can they? But despite everything, even the women of this era, think that feminism is all about male-bashing and not an utmost necessity for their own well being. There’s even a word for it now – feminazism !! 

      All that I said till now applies for the metropolitans and the first world countries out there, places that claim to be developed. Wanna talk about some of those Indian states where female foeticide is a daily phenomena, or maybe the middle East, where women are hardly allowed to smile without the man’s allowance. Well, I can only say one thing, feminism isn’t a word there…

     Just like feminism, male domination is not new either. In fact, it is in our roots, so much that we can’t help but discriminate against women without even knowing it. These patriarchal belief systems have been fixated In our minds long ago… And it’s high time to get over them now, to finally give way to a better world!

    Having said this, I also understand, that their are many people across the globe fighting for women’s rights and trying their best to bring about change. I do not for once wish to degrade their efforts by generalising my ideas. In fact, although people called it the women’s movement, many men around the world are hardcore feminists, maybe even more so than some of their female friends ! So, Kudos to them!!

      Feminists are not some fascist dictators who believe in degrading or humiliating their male counterparts, they are people who are working heart and soul, with whatever little they have in their hands, to create small differences in this male-dominant society, so that one day, in some eutopian world, girls are not scoffed at for wearing dresses of their own choice…

Wordplay Saturday

     I am totally hung up with this tormenting fever for the past few days and hence, could hardly write. So I had this idea of starting a weekly post. From today onwards, every Saturday I will publish a short post on a word of relatively remote languages. 

     Actually, I had a fascination for different languages from my childhood and learning new words was always enriching for me. Nowadays, many regional languages are feeling the pressure of international languages like English. People In my place Hardy care about their mother tongue anymore. But languages are far more than way to communicate, they represent a way of life, a culture of a community. Languages always deserve nurture and this weekly post is my humble way of contributing to it in a fun way…

      Any of you incredible bloggers are more than welcome to participate. Leave your comments and tell me if you want a post about any particular language and I will try my best to put that up on my next post. You can suggest words. I’ll simply love your contributions and your blog will be featured on that particular post. So, get going Bloggers!! 🙂

     To begin with, I have chosen a beautiful Welsh word :- 

  Hiraeth it has no direct English translation but it’s sort of a wistfulness, like a passionate longing for a home. But the interesting part is, it is sometime linked to a concept of magic realism, when it means longing for the home you never actually owned. 

       In fact, Hiraeth bears similarities with the Portuguese concept of saudade which too links to a deep emotional yearning for something absent!

  So there you go, if you found it interesting please let me know and if you have any suggestions, well, I would love to be able to do better, so yup, don’t give a damn about my desperation 😉 just lemme know!!

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